Working with money

We have moved onto looking at money in maths this week and some children decided to set up their own shop. They labelled how much different products were and then started selling them to each other. They were given an amount of money and had to work out the changed needed. They even had a special visiter come to their shop to buy things. Miss Elvidge brought some new baking tins and some glues for her classroom.

Our learning so far this term…

This term in geography we have been learning about the weather and climate. The children have really enjoyed learning about and watching the weather forecast. We have finished our unit on fractions and are now learning about mass and capacity. Over the last few weeks, we have planned and wrote an acrostic poem linked to our class text this term, ‘Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. In science we are looking at plants. We have planted a range of different food items and they are beginning to grow and sprout!

Our classroom always smells delicious as the cooking and baking continues.

Marble Jar Reward!

Today Ruby class filled up their marble jar to the top just in time before the Easter break!

After having a class vote and going with the majority, it was decided that Ruby class would like to do show and tell and have extra golden time. You don’t have to take part in show and tell, however, please can the item fit inside a rucksack/bag so it can be stored safely throughout the day.

Thank you!

DT week

Ruby class have been busy using their sewing skills to make a cushion this week. We started off by evaluating existing products by exploring a range of cushions and focusing on their purpose and design. We then moved onto designing our own cushion before making a template and cutting it out of fabric. We then sewed them together, turned our cushion inside out and began to stuff it. We completed our cushions today by adding the finishing touches on them using a hot glue gun.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

Miss McGill

Our learning last week

Last week was busy in Ruby class. The children were busy baking and making craft items. We also finished length and perimeter in maths and conducted a science experiment looking at magnetic and non-magnetic items/materials. At the end of the week the whole school joined together with St Pauls for our federation science day, where the children completed a range of exciting and different science activities.

This week is assessment week and we will be making mini cushions as part of our DT project. If you have any spare materials, such as tops, old bed sheets or cotton shirts, that can be donated to help us make our cushions, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Miss McGill

DT Project

Next week is assessment week and therefore, there will be a DT project that runs along side that.

We will be making small cushions and for this we will be using a range of materials. If you have any cotton shirts or old t-shirts/bed sheets available to donate that would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Snow Day ❄️

Good Morning Ruby Class!

There has been a lot of snow overnight and the school is shut today. Here are a few tasks for you to complete whilst at home on this snowy day.


We have been learning about measuring using the units mm, cm, and m. Today, I would like you to find items/objects from around your house to measure. See if you can use all three of the measuring units. You don’t have to record your results, but if you would like too, you may wish to present it like this.

Item/ObjectEstimateMeasurement in mm, cm or m.

Also, please continue to practice your 3-, 4- and 8-times tables at home. You can use TTRockstars as a platform to test your knowledge and speed. 


This term we have been learning about villages, towns, and cities. Today I would like you to design your town. Think carefully about what you would like your town to include. You may wish to include places to eat, work or live, shops, a church, theatre or garden centre. Please draw and label your town. 

Have fun!

Please do wrap up warm and enjoy some time in the snow!

Are you going to make a snowman or an animal? Will you create a piece of art work by using a stick or other items/ojects to draw in the snow? 

Miss McGill

Our learning last week

Last week we started looking at our new class text ‘The Pebble in my Pocket’ by Meredith Hooper and we planned to write a non-chronological report. In PE we are doing dance this term and the children thoroughly enjoyed putting together a small routine. In science we are looking at forces and magnets and the children investigated how well a car can travel on different surfaces. We also went to church for our Ash Wednesday service and started looking at length and perimeter in maths. Another busy week!

Last week of term

Last week the children were busy baking, creating and learning in a variety of ways. We wrote our pre-historic essay on the Stone Age and finished our unit of multiplication and division in maths. Children should be overly confident on the 2, 5 and 10 times tables and please continue to practice the 3, 4 and 8 times tables at home. These are the ones we have been learning in school. The children enjoyed the visit to the library and also loved the red disco after school on Friday.

Have a great half term everyone and see you in a week all recharged and ready for the new term ahead!

Miss McGill 😊

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