Ruby Class love reading!

After lunch, Ruby Class love sharing books with each other! Reading is still one of the most important activities you can do with your child at home, and you help can create a lifetime love of books with just a few minutes every day!

When reading together you can:
– share ideas about what might happen next?
– retell the story, selecting the main events (much harder for your child than it sounds!)
– talk about the meaning of words
– discuss why something has happened, or why a character did what they did
– make links between the book and you and your child’s own experiences, or other books you’ve shared.

All of the above will help your child become an even more amazing reader and improve their vocabulary – it’s fun too!
Have a lovely weekend and please keep the reading up! 🌟⭐️
Mrs Down

Jeans for genes

It’s jeans for genes day today! Bring £1 and wear your jeans.😊

Meet the Teacher

It was lovely to see many of you at the parent meeting tonight. At the meeting I gave out logins for every child, which are essential for homework – keep them safe please! The remaining ones will be sent home tomorrow.
I hope you enjoyed seeing our masks and writing! I’ve popped some pictures below. I’ve also attached the PowerPoint which I shared. Please take time to read it if you couldn’t come along today.

This week…

Forest School and PE will take place tomorrow (Tuesday) – please remember to send your child to school in their PE kit . Also, on Wednesday, Ruby Class are looking forward to showing parents and carers some fabulous ‘Noah’ work after school. Come to ‘Meet the teacher’ at 3.15pm, then have a look at the writing and art produced last week, or alternatively come later at 5.00pm. I’m looking forward to meeting you all!


Thank you so much to the parents who have kindly provided fruit snacks for all of Ruby Class! The children were very happy to see the yummy choice!

End of day arrangements

Dear Parents and Carers,

We’ve reviewed our end of day arrangements, and Ruby Class will now be coming out of the doors by the bike racks, (the path that goes off to the left just before the year 2 pick up point).

All About Me Sculptures

One of our activities this week was an All About Me sculpture. Each of the coloured strips represents something. Bike riders will have a red zigzag, pizza lovers have yellow spirals, and so on! I think you’ll agree they look really colourful!

Mrs Down 😊 (Click on read more to see the photos!)

End of first day back 😊

What a lovely first day we’ve had! We wrote about our holidays, played Mrs Down’s version of Guess Who, made birthday cards for the year, and enjoyed some fun games!

All of this made us very hungry and lunchtime isn’t until 12.30pm. Please could parents send in a fruit snack for break time to see their child through the morning?
Also, can all water bottles have a sports top to avoid spillages.
Thank you so much! 😊

Mrs Down

First Day Back!

Mrs Keech, Mrs Tutton, Mr Harris and myself are so excited about welcoming you all back tomorrow! 😃

Drop-off is at the big green gate between 8.45-8.55. Just walk through the usual door to the cloakroom, and I’ll be waiting there to show you your pegs.
Pick-up is from the playground at 3.15pm.
See you tomorrow!!
Mrs Down 😊👋🏻👋🏻

Welcome to a new year, Ruby Class!

This is our class page, where you will find information and news about what’s happening in Year 3!

Keep checking for updates! 😊

Mrs Down👋🏻